Where is joy found in the battle?


Have you ever wondered how joy can be found in the middle of a battle? What exactly does it mean to find joy? What causes us to loose joy in the first place?

This last week has been a major battle for me. I have faced spiritual warfare on every corner and have been too weak to battle. Joy, to me, typically comes easy. I love to laugh and help others see the positive side of things. Yet, sometimes when a battle is intense,,,,just when it is at the highest point in the fight,,,,I tend to loose my joy. As I become tired and weary my joy just seems to flee. Vanishes into thin air. KAPOOF…..it is gone.

As I read about the Jews in Nehemiah and the intense warfare they faced, I can only imagine the intensity of their battle. Sure, joy could be found at times. I’m sure every time there was a wedding in their broken down city of Jerusalem, a little bit of joy would return. Or when a baby was born you could find such a sweet joy in God’s people. Then,,,as the newness would settle in, joy slowly faded away as the battle of trying to live for God in this broken down city continued and intensified at times.

This is so much like my week. At every turn my joy seemed to fade a little until I was completely drained and left emotionally raw. As my emotions raged this week God reminded me that a battle , a spiritual battle, was exactly what I was facing. He also reminded me that he has given me the weapons to face this battle.

In Ephesians 6:11-12 God tells us to put on His whole Armour so we can stand against the wiles of the devil, for our battle is not against flesh and blood but principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness in this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. He goes on to say in the next few verses what those weapons are. His Word, His Truth, The Breastplate of His Righteousness, The Gospel of Peace, The Shield of Faith, The Helmet of Salvation, The Sword of the Spirit,  which is the Word of God.

As I move forward to finish out the rest of this week, I am determined to find more joy than ever. I truly believe that every time we face a battle of this magnitude, God has something marvelous coming in the victory. I can’t wait to see what comes of this battle.

I pray today that you to will put on the whole armor of God so you can fight this battle. Don’t loose your joy in the midst of it my sisters! Our God is marvelous, He is mighty, He is our Joy!!! Stay in the battle dear sisters and take time to laugh often! I will see you on the battle field.

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